Head of personnel department


  •  Reception days: Every day from 8:30 to 16:00
  •  Phone number: +998901018258
  •  Email: kadrlar@samdu.uz



  • Organizing the activities of the department and the work of staffs;
  • Composing and implementing  departmental  work plans;
  • Ensuring and monitoring the implementation of decisions, orders, modemogram and telephone messages of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Registration of recruitment and dismissal of all employees of the rector's nomenclature of the university, as well as the preparation of personnel documents for approval of positions in the nomenclature of higher authorities; •Supervise the use and placement of staff in the department and other departments of the institute;
  • Explain basic labor laws to employees; •Supervise the observance of internal order and labor discipline in all departments of the Institute;
  • Development of applications, notifications included in the documentation and clarification in the subsequent processing;
  • Examine the schedules of faculty and administration and teaching staffs, and take steps to prevent overtime work for non-faculty members;
  • Accounting and submission of employment records, identity card forms, inspection and control of draft orders submitted to the rector for signature;
  • Participate in commissions for recruitment, dismissal and placement of professor teachers and employees of the administrative dep[artment;
  • Form T-2 for registration of professors and staffs, registration of all personal sheets,working with backup personnels, ensuring   the preparation of monthly and annual reports and their timely submission;
  • Ensuring the preparation and submission of reports on the activities of the personnel department to the labor authorities and higher organizations in the prescribed manner;
  • Selection of talented young masters with master's degrees for vacancies, inclusion in the personnel reserve and submission of proposals to the rector on employment.
  • Thorough knowledge of information and communication technologies;
  • Compliance with the internal rules of the institute, the rules of etiquette and the requirements of the dress code.
Must know:
  • Knowledge of the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan on labor and employment, Presidential decrees, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers and orders of ministries, resolutions of local authorities and  guidelines and regulations, internal regulations of the institute.
Qualification requirements:
  • Professional and organizational skills required for management positions in higher education institutions, managerial experience and experience, relevant knowledge and skills within the scope of activities and competencies;
  • Exemplary personal qualities - intelligence, culture, leadership, creative abilities, politeness, organization, initiative, sense of responsibility, independent decision-making and action, perseverance, ensuring the achievement of strategic goals of the institution properties;
  • Higher education;
  • Must have at least 3 years of effective work experience in the department.

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